About Our PCAs

Our Personal Care employees (PCAs) are high quality. They are trained professionals, who are Certified Personal Care Aide (PCAs). As required by the State of Virginia this means PCAs delivering services must complete a 40-hour curriculum, exam, and skills check-list—all provided by the Department of Medical Assistance Services. PCAs must also participate in continuing education annually to maintain their certification.

We also offer HSHC employees an opportunity to earn their PCA at no cost to them through our Earn While You Learn benefit. Employees may start working for HSHC as Companion Caregivers and take the required courses to become a PCA at no cost to them.

Below is the outline of the Personal Care Aid Curriculum required by the State of Virginia.

Personal Care Aide CurriculumAll of Home Sweet Home Care’s PCAs are also skilled in homemaking and can provide all the services of a Companion Caregiver in addition to feeding, transference, vitals monitoring and bathing.

And, because our PCAs are employees of Home Sweet Home Care Inc., you have no worries about taxes, payroll, extra insurance, background checks, and a host of other concerns that accompany a private hire. You also have the assurance of backup should the PCA assigned to your care experiences health or personal issues that would cause them to need time off.

Our staff also takes the time to check in on your level of satisfaction on a regular basis. Our goal is to ensure that you are getting all the assistance you want in the manner that you want it from our employees. You also have tremendous flexibility with us. Should you need fewer hours or more hours, or have a sporadic schedule requirement, we can accommodate it.