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7 Steps to a Successful Discussion with Your Parent about Driving Safety

older adult washing car

Eventually you may become concerned about your parent’s ability to safely drive a car. Put these activities in place now in case it does become an issue. The secret to having a successful serious conversation is to be prepared for one. Follow these seven steps to have a successful discussion […] Read more »

Loss of Independence and Falling: The unpleasant connection.

reduce falls with exercise

According to various studies conducted by Clarity, AARP, MetLife and others, older adults fear loss of independence even more than death. According to the Clarity study loss of independence was at the top of the list out of the five fears most expressed by people 65 and older who were […] Read more »

10 Early Warning Signs Of Alzheimer’s

Many of us fear that our parent will succumb to Alzheimer’s. According to the National Vital Statistics System, it is the fifth leading cause of death among people aged 65 years and over, so it is a reasonable concern. However that fear can lead to worry that a loved one […] Read more »

Glasses and Surgery Cannot Always Improve Elderly Vision

Shirley McGee recently audited a Certified Senior Advisor class in Richmond, Virginia. She was impressed with one of the exercises, given to the students, which was intended to give them a better understanding of challenges faced by the elderly. The instructor had ordered special spectacles for each student to wear, […] Read more »

Do Red Plates for Dementia Really Help People Eat More?

Once again, the media has taken hold of an isolated study and the Internet has run rampant with advice on the topic. What I am referring to is a recent email I received, which contained a strong suggestion that Alzheimer’s patients be served food on red plates. According to an […] Read more »

Doctors can help determine whether someone should drive

By Prue Salasky | 247-4784 February 28, 2009 Reprinted with permission by the Daily Press Almost without exception, the keys to the car are the keys to independent living here in Hampton Roads. So what can you do if you think that a friend or family member is no longer […] Read more »