Improving Your Hospital Stay

You or your loved one are hospitalized. You’ve provided a battery of information to the admitting nurse, the first of several nurses you will have over three working shifts. Each has his/her assigned duties. You watch them come and go and take vitals and check the flow of fluid in […] Read more »

Who needs a scale for correct food portion control?

food portions image

Nobody needs a scale, measuring cups or other tools that get in the way when you are trying to get a handle on food portion control. Besides, who wants to drag measuring cups out of the cupboard, and how do you take them with you to a restaurant? Frankly, using […] Read more »

Aging 101 a Positive Perspective

Tools can help maintain elderly indpendence

I think your whole life shows in your face and you should be proud of that. ~Lauren Bacall Most of us don’t think much about aging. Well that’s not true. The truth is that thinking about aging consumes many of us, yet we try to think about aging less than […] Read more »

Should You be Driving? Ask a Certified Driver Rehabilitation Specialist

By Prue Salasky | 247-4784 7:25 PM EST, February 27, 2009 Reprinted here with permission from the Daily Press.   Karl Hoffman, a driver rehabilitation specialist, gives instructions to his client, Glenda Horrell, during a driving assessment in Newport News. Certified rehabilitation specialists help folks stay on the road when […] Read more »

What you can do to prevent falls

Falls are the leading reason seniors move to nursing homes. You can reduce the risk of falling, especially in your home, by paying attention to these health issues, assessing your abilities and need for assistance, and reducing the factors that contribute to falls and by improving the friendliness and safety […] Read more »