16th Annual TRIAD Conference

TRIAD is made up of commnity and serves the elderlyTRIAD is a crime prevention program for senior citizens in Isle of Wight County. Each year there is a TRIAD Conference for Isle of Wight County residents who are ages 55 and up. This year it is on Monday, May 4, 2015 at The Smithfield Center, 220 N. Church Street, Smithfield. The conference will run from 9AM-1PM and the doors will open at 8AM for check-in. Tickets can be purchased at Home Sweet Home Care in Smithfield and at Windsor True Value Hardware in Windsor for $5.

There will be a Continental Breakfast and Lunch served and there will be door prizes. At the conference you can listen to guest speakers, get safety information and visit a variety of vendors. Many vendors participate each each year, among them will be:

  • Maico Audiological Services
  • BayPort Credit Union
  • Circulatory Centers
  • Americare Plus
  • Farm Fresh Pharmacy
  • Tidewater Physical Therapy
  • Dept. of Treasury Unclaimed Property
  • IOW Comm.of Revenue
  • AARP, Windsor Area #5309
  • Alzheimer’s Association
  • Luter YMCA
  • American Cancer Society
  • Senior Services
  • Commission on Aging
  • Home Sweet Home Care Inc.

What is TRIAD?

Many people think the name TRIAD is an acronym because it is most often shown in all caps, but it is actual a word. It means a group or set of three connected people or things. It was a perfect name for the group which includes three sectors of a community that partner to keep older adults safe from crime. These sectors include public safety, criminal justice, and the older adult community.  TRIAD is the concept of partnering for the safety of older adults. Once a TRIAD is formed, a SALT council is created, which is a group of community representatives who implement programs and activities to achieve the objectives.

What is SALT?

A SALT Council is a group of community representatives, similar to a PTA, who come together to design and implement programs and activities intended to make older adults in the community safer. SALT is an acronym that stands for “Seniors and Law Enforcement Together” with the purpose of making seniors in the community safer.

What does TRIAD and SALT have to do with Home Sweet Home Care Inc.?

Home Sweet Home Care care deeply about the safety of seniors in our community and are well aware of how often they are preyed upon by people with less than savory intentions. By being involved in TRIAD and SALT we help give back to our community and our efforts go directly to keeping older adults in our community safe.

According to the Consumer Law Center, Inc. (CLC), Americans lose an estimated $40 billion each year to the fraudulent sale of goods and services over the telephone.  The elderly are frequent targets of telemarketing frauds and sweepstakes scams. Studies conducted by CLC reveal that “fraudulent telemarketers direct anywhere from 56 percent to nearly 80 percent of their calls at older customers. One sweepstakes-related scam detailed on CBS’s 60 Minutes reportedly bilked seniors in 24 states out of an estimated $5 billion.” Source: National Crime Prevention Council.