Jeff Byrd Achieve, Communicate and Connect Seminars

Home Sweet Home Care presents Jeff Byrd, a motivational speaker and coach, who will deliver three seminars (9/28, 10/26 & 11/30) this fall. All three seminars are geared to improve your ability to achieve better methods of communicating and connecting with people. They will be held at Wharf Hill Brewing Company in Smithfield, Virginia starting September 28th, 2017. Home Sweet Home Care is providing the venue and refreshments and light hors d’ouerves for the event. Reservations are required and seating is limited so reserve your seat early. You can reserve your seat by calling Home Sweet Home Care at 757-356-0342 and ask for Mary Powell.

Jeff ByrdJeff Byrd is a leadership trainer and coach with the John Maxwell Team. He is owner of Jeffrey Byrd Coaching and works with Senior Living Communities, Financial Institutions, Property Management Corporations, Church Groups, Medical and Home Health companies, and Disability Advocacy Groups.

He joined the John Maxwell Team in 2014 and gained certification out of life-long desire to build others and add value to them. His greatest passion is to connect with individuals and teams in a way that enables them to communicate more effectively, commit to and achieve common vision more clearly, and identify and build their individual and shared strengths to reach their maximum potential and greatest success together.

Jeff currently sits on the board of directors at the Endependence Center Inc., is the past president of the Virginia Beach Task Force on Aging, a former board member of Ramps Across America, and a former Young Life team leader. Jeff is also the founder of the Byrd Young Leaders School in Punjab, Pakistan, which began in 2014.
Jeff is a life-long resident of Norfolk, VA, where he currently resides with his wife Angela, who is an artist. They share a love for birding, photography (Jeff is also a professional photographer), gardening, hiking, travel and the symphony.

Jeff’s work pertains to leadership development; personal growth and development; and communication, vision setting, and team building.

A few of his curriculum are:
– The Power of Stories in Lives of Purpose
– Personal and Professional development through Intentional Living
– Creating a Motivational Work Environment
– Developing Servant-leaders within any organization
– Becoming a Person of Influence

Jeff Byrd will deliver the first seminar on September 28th and it will be on he following subject:

The Power of Stories in Lives of Purpose

Purpose: to equip individuals to tap in the limitless potential that exists in every person, by connecting with them through their personal stories.

Participants will learn:
– the power to change a life, country, and world, contained in every story
– the process of stories that begins with creating understanding and ends with significant results
– the problems and truths of the messages that exist in each of our stories
– the limitless potential that resides in every life story
– effective leadership through engaging others through their stories

The next seminar will be on October 26th and will be on the following subject:

How to Create a Motivational Work Environment

Purpose: to equip team members with understanding of how to leverage leadership in order to enhance motivation among everyone on the team.

Participants will learn:
– Leadership essentials: The Law of the Lid, The Law of Influence, and The Law of the Process
– Why organizational health is the multiplier of intelligence
– 7 essentials to a motivational environment, S-U-C-C-E-S-S
Spirit of a 360 Learner
Understanding the Value of Each Person
Caring Enough to Listen
Caring Enough to Confront
Exemplifying Motivational Character
Showcasing Effort
Serving by Developing Other Leaders

The third seminar will be on November 30th and will be on the following subject:

Everyone Communicates, Few Connect

Purpose: to learn to communicate, identify, and relate to others in a way increases influence and connection with them.

Participants will learn:
– How connecting increases your influence in every situation

– How connecting is all about others

– How connecting is more skill than natural talent
– How connectors connect on common ground
– How connectors inspire people
– How connectors live what they communicate

These Jeff Byrd seminars, hosted by Home Sweet Home Care, are at the Wharf Hill Brewing Company, 25 Main Street, Smithfield, Virginia. Each of the seminars will follow the schedule below. These seminars are open to the public, but REQUIRE RESERVATION, and seating is limited. If you would like to reserve a seat at one or more of these seminars, please contact Mary Powell at Home Sweet Home Care by calling 757-356-0342.

Jeff Byrd Seminar Schedulejeff byrd seminar content

If you would like to contact Jeff Byrd to set up a seminar with him, you can reach him through his website.