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I want to thank you for your time spent with me and my husband through the past eight months.  Your staff was always courteous and understanding of my feeble mind trying to remember what I had told you about needing someone to come and stay with my husband.  There was never any questioning but always a genuine willingness to help.  Your caregivers were always punctual and concerned about my husband and I appreciate all that they did.  It is heart wrenching to me to have to put him in a senior living center but it is necessary not only for his well being but for my sanity.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart.-A. Epps

Thank you so much for everything you did for mama and daddy.  They really liked LaNette and enjoyed her company and help.  They will truly miss her.  Thank you Home Sweet Home Care Inc.  Your service is awesome.—Margaret R.

After working with another agency we contacted Home Sweet Home to be our provider for in-home care for my aging parents.  I have been so happy with Home Sweet Home because their workers are reliable, on time and are my eyes while I work.  If there is a problem they promptly notify me so I may handle it, if there is something my parents need she lets me know.  Thank you Home Sweet Home for making my life easier. —L. Everett

I am very pleased with the services provided during the past year by my companion and Home Sweet Home Care. —D. Gary

I cannot begin to thank Home Sweet Home Care enough for the help you all gave my wife while I was in the hospital and now during my recovery. You all are always kind, polite and do everything to make the day go easier. A special thanks to our caregivers. —D. & N. McIntire

I’ve enjoyed the services of your companions. The experience has been very useful and the ladies performed so willingly at all times. Thank you for providing a much needed services. —Natalie B.

I could not be more pleased with the helper that comes to me each week. She is always very pleasant and willing to help me with any of my requests. Her attitude is always cheerful. —I. Keith

I am well-pleased with the care given to my mother and the services given to me. Your caregivers are more like family and treat my mother with kindness and consideration. Whenever I have a last minute change, Home Sweet Home Care always supports my needs. —L. Zimmerman

Having your caregiver help my mom at her assisted living facility has been a blessing. I would highly recommend her and Home Sweet Home Care to anyone who would listen. —J. Vaughan, Jr.

Everything is fine! —J. Gale, Jr.

My husband and I have been very pleased with each assistant we have had help us. He needs someone with him when I am away. I feel comfortable leaving him for the time I’m not here. They have been excellent in preparing his lunch and contacting me if need be. —E. King

Home Sweet Home Care is truly a great company to use. I have had great service from Day 1. I would highly recommend them. —Jamie D.

Home Sweet Home Care—where else would you find such great help?? The caregivers are prompt, friendly, caring, kind, helpful, considerate, and all-around super people. You will not go wrong with help from Home Sweet Home Care!! —O. Martin

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